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Asset Protection

We believe the general rule of asset protection is to self-insure for small potential losses and purchase insurance for potential large devastating losses. You likely already know how to protect yourself from financial loss related to the destruction of your automobile or home. You probably purchase insurance. We were taught this lesson early in life by a lender who required assurance that the financed asset was protected from loss.

Insurance is one method of asset protection, providing loss protection for physical assets (homes and vehicles), intangible assets (earning ability) and monetary assets (savings, investments and retirement resources) alike.

Long-term care insurance may protect your portfolio from being depleted should you require such care. Life insurance is designed to protect surviving family members from income loss and can be used to pay federal estate taxes. Disability insurance is available to protect your income stream.

Our team of insurance licensed individuals works with you to help solve your asset protection needs as part of our comprehensive Financial Life Planning process. Our goal in communicating this information to you is to make sure you never have to tell us “I didn’t know you did that!”

One other area frequently misunderstood and overlooked is protection from creditors and from unnecessary income or federal estate taxes. Often these potential losses can be addressed by having properly drafted legal documents such as wills, trusts, family limited partnerships, durable power of attorney, etc. We are not attorneys and do not draft these documents, but we can help explain these issues to you and guide you to legal professionals that are specialists in estate, trust, and tax law. We strongly suggest that you DO NOT try to prepare your own legal documents from something you find on the internet. In our opinion, writing your own legal documents is like do-it-yourself surgery. It can be done, but could potentially be deadly.

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