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Charitable Giving

Many people are inclined to want to make gifts in support of their favorite charity or cause during their lifetime or after their death. As part of Financial Life Planning, we can provide direction and answers to specific questions related to the timing and benefit of charitable giving.

  • When should the gift be made? This year? Next year? At my death?
  • How do I get the best tax benefit? Me, as an individual, or my estate?
  • Should I use after-tax funds or some of my retirement funds?

In addition to charitable causes, parents and grandparents often want to insure the availability of educational assistance to children or grandchildren. While there are a number of methods for creating college funds, some of these methods may not produce the desired results.

  • Is there a limit to the dollar amount allowed to be “put away” for each child each year?
  • Are the funds available to the child/grandchild before college where it may be foolishly squandered?
  • What happens to the funds should the child/grandchild decide not to go to college?
  • Are any tax benefits available for creating a “college fund?”

Gifting programs can generate wonderful results, but if not well-thought out and implemented properly could possibly fail the original intent for the individual or his/her estate.

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