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Portfolio Management

The team at T. Jackson and Company, P.C. works exclusively with individuals and entities who desire to achieve specific goals with their money. These goals may be to provide a retirement plan for employees, maintain and grow a nest egg for retirement, help children or grandchildren pay for higher education costs. And the list goes on and on. We believe every goal is different.

For that reason, it is important for us to understand your goal(s). Together we will help you understand and manage your emotions around money and assist you in modifying your behavior relating to wealth and investing. Through our belief system we will guide you through the battle of faith vs. fear regarding your money. And to that end, we will create a personalized investment plan designed to match your criteria. Potential investment selection options are in the thousands, so helping to identify appropriate investments for you is our goal.

Once approved, we implement and monitor the account, meeting with you annually (or more frequently) to discuss and review the progress and assess what actions we should take to plan your future.

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